Living Room Design Ideas Pictures

Living Room Design Ideas Pictures

Living room design ideas will be very important things for those who want to make a design for their living room. Actually, talking about the interior design for living room, it would turn into something that very related with personal taste. It means that everybody has their own ideal living room that can represent their favorite things and many things else. Sometimes, the inspiration comes from the most favorite thing of the house owner, so that he or she wants to use it as the concept of their living room. Do you want to know about several ideas about living room design? Here we go.

Living Room with Natural Texture

The inspiration of natural texture living room comes from the designer Colleen Bashaw. In this design, the designer is trying to figure out the mixture of the natural texture and some popular colors which is purpose to have the relaxed ambience in the living room. This idea is one of the best living room design ideas that you can use as your inspiration. You can put the natural sense on your design through several parts of your living room. For the example, you can small plant in the corner of your living room. It will bring the green feeling of your living room.

Living Room with Neutral Tones

Besides thinking about the natural texture in your living room design, you might also pick another great design which is the neutral tones. This design was design by Ray Booth and Elizabeth Kennedy. In this kind of living room design, you can find the combination of many neutral tones or neutral painting in one room. This design will match well with those people who love to have certain neutral looks. So, this kind of design is one of the most inspiring living room design ideas.

Jungalow Style Living Room

Another good design idea for your living room is the Jungalow Style of your living room. In this design that was designed by Justina Blakeney who is a blogger. Her living room is very interesting. You can find the plant that similar with cactus, in one corner, but it is actually not a cactus. Then, there is a set of sofa with the similar color with the plant. To cover the floor, there is the Fable rug that makes the room looks more comfortable. If you think that you love this kind of design, the Jungalow style will be one of your best living room design ideas to apply.

Those designs are the examples of great design that you can use as the inspiration for your living room design. You might get your own ideas after getting the inspiration as above. Then, you have to make sure that you know what to prepare when you draw your design. In other words, you have to know what kind of furniture and what kind of rug that you might need to prepare for your living room. With a good preparation, it will make your living room turns into the best one in design. Those are the inspiration for you of the living room design ideas.

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Ideas for Living Room Design Dark Floor

Ideas for Living Room Design Dark Floor

Every single person would have their own style in designing their living room. Since living room is the room where the guest will sit and come for the very first time, people will set the design of their living room as best as they can. Besides, usually people have an impression or give such value judgments towards the host just only by sitting in their living room. One of the styles of the living room is using dark color as the color of the floor to make the impression of luxurious yet elegant.

Unfortunately, the intention of the person in living room design dark floor ideas is leading to the dark and gothic condition of the house instead of feeling the elegancy of the room. So, that is why you all need to have such strategy to give great impression of your house which is coming from the people who visit your house. Other than creating the impression, putting a proper style in living room design dark floor would be beneficial for the enjoyment of the feelings and the aura for anyone who is in that room.

Designing Living Room with Dark Floor Correctly

What we mean by correctly is that you make a great impression by being confident using dark color as the color of your floor. Living room design dark floor usually intended to be the floor that is shiny and clean, is that right? So you must think about the cleaning methods and also the maintenance of the floor as well other than combining the color of the furniture around that room in the very first place. Moreover, you must put something contrast with the floor for the case of safety and so on and so far.

Living room design dark floor must be polish as well, so it would contrast with the wall. The color of the wall in this design supposed to be light or bright such as white as the most recommended color. Light color would be contrast with the dark floor. Moreover, it would make the room look wider visually. With light color on wall, the condition in the room would be brighter and more suitable for this design. Other parts in the living room are windows and curtain. For windows, you can either use the color that matches the floor or use the light color that is matched with the wall’s color. The color of the windows can be like that because there would be the sun light that comes to the room through that window, right? So the color would be still contrast. But for curtain, the color must be light or white if possible.

The most obvious thing regarding with the living room design dark floor is of course the furniture. Yes, people would directly look at the furniture when they look at the floor. So the color of the furniture would be matter in this living room design. The color of the furniture or accessories of course doesn’t have to be white or light. But you have to make sure that the color is significantly contrasting with the dark floor. You can also add the plants (artificial or not, doesn’t matter) as the greenish color to beautify the room with the dark floor. Any color for the things inside the room is matter so make sure all the colors in that room is matching each other. Those are basically how you can design the living room with dark floor correctly.

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Living Room Design DIY Ideas

Living Room Design DIY Ideas

Good day, people! Is your living room gets boring to be seen? Well that is pretty much the same on the living room of most of people. The sofas rounding with the table in the middle of it and then that’s it. I am sure that not all of the people are aware about the appearance of their living room. However there is something that you have to know in designing the room of your house. The condition and also the decoration of the room would bring the feeling of everybody who sits in that room, that is why ,making up living room design DIY would be a great idea.

When you just keep your room like that forever, you are going to bore the person in that room. Moreover, living room is the room where the guest would see in the very first time they come in to your house. So you need to always beautify your living room. What? It is expensive to consult with the experts? No, we do not talk about that right now. Designing your living room can be done by yourselves. This is what we call as living room design DIY (Do It Yourself). Surely it would be really beneficial not only for you and your family but also for the guests or such visitors who come to your house.

What to Do to Start Doing Room Decoration DIY?

Doing any DIY projects is somehow easy for you who can afford anything. But do not worry guys, making up living room design DIY would be also easy if we use all the things thatwe have to beautify our beloved living room. First thing that you have to do is that you need to make everything feels wider. A narrow living room would be not comfortable for everyone, isn’t it? So you need to make more space. Remove any properties that are not really necessary or support the aesthetic value in your living room. For example you can remove such big vase beside the sofa. That is somehow making people think that they have to be really aware to not break that. That kind of thoughts is also for another property that makes your living room looks full. You can move them to the corner or move them to another room.

This is not living room design DIY if you don’t make or change something, isn’t it? So, after you have enough space by removing several properties you can start changing the look of your living room. It is simply can be done by moving the sofas into different spot. The main things like sofa and table would change the look if they move. You can put the pictures or such quotation in the frame then put them on the wall to make the living room looks younger and not boring. You can change the quotation frame with the flower painting that you make to make the room looks more vintage, it’s all up to you. The thing in living room design DIY is that you can use what you already have to make different look of your living room.

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5 Tips Front Porch Paint Ideas to Update the Deck

5 Tips Front Porch Paint Ideas to Update the Deck

Do you want to makeover the front deck, but don’t know what to do? Well, it seems that everyone feels the same when it comes about the front porch paint ideas. They want to make a good entrance but they don’t know how to make it happen. But don’t be afraid about that because you land on the right page to find the paint ideas for the front deck. We have the real tips that will help you to update the front porch with new paint. It is simple yet achievable since everybody can do it. Just keep these following tips to update the front deck with new paint.

  • Colorful Front Door

A colorful front porch will indicate that the house owner is happy and friendly. Have you ever heard the correlation between the eyes, color and feeling? Yep, the color of the front porch will determine the guess’ mood. A colorful front porch will give a good mood so every time you have someone come over, they will always feel happy right after entering the door. That’s how you conquer someone else’s feeling.

  • Make Furniture Pop

Don’t limit yourself and just think about the paint. You are allowed to play with some furniture on the porch. You can put a small table with a small chair, complete with the small decorations, centerpieces or just a stacked rock that will give a pop on your furniture. For this thing, you don’t need a lot of things because if you are creative, you can use several items around you as the furniture pop.

  • Paint the Front Porch Ceiling

Another way for the front porch paint ideas, you can paint the ceiling with different color. Some people stick with white or brown as the color of the front porch ceiling. But if you want a homey ambience, blue would be great selection because it represents the sky. It will give smooth and relaxing ambience. Green is also a good selection if you want to try something different without trying to change the stream. Just pick the color that fit with your taste and persona.

  • Highlight the Window

A small detail on your window would be a great finish. It is a part of the front porch paint ideas because it will show up the natural beauty around its corner. Just make sure that it has different tone with the major concept, think about reddish, green or even yellow that will give vibrant look. Just mix and match all of the colors without ruining each other.

  • The Floor!

Well, it is the last thing that you need to take care of. If you use wooden floor, then you can use primer color to cover it up. But if you use ceramic, porcelain or even cement, then you can let it plain. Just make sure that the color of the floor doesn’t ruin the overall front porch paint ideas. With these tips, I am sure that you will be amazed with the result of the new porch.

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Don’t Make Mistake! Do These Living Room Lighting Tips

Don’t Make Mistake! Do These Living Room Lighting Tips

Once you check out these living room lighting tips, I am sure that you can find the problem on your lovely home. We often forgot that there is one aspect that missed from our eyes; the lighting! Whether it is on the living room, dining room, kitchen or even our bed room, the lighting should be set perfectly in order to obtain the perfect ambience of the room. So, it doesn’t matter how beautiful your living room looks like, once you miss the lighting then everything would be useless. The lighting is like a missing piece of puzzle that will complete the picture.

Hereby, I give you the pro-tips living room lighting ideas that will make it better. Read it carefully and find the ‘aha’ moment for better living room lighting.

  • The Usage of the Room

It is important to know the usage of the room so you will be easier to decide the brightness of the lighting. I mean, what for your living room use the most? If you spend your TV time here with the family, then you need brighter lighting that will provide enough sparks and keep your eyes healthy. And vice versa! If you prefer to use the living room as the chill-out space, a dimly light is enough on there.

  • The Dimmers

The basic tip for the living room lighting idea is the kind of lamp. First, you need to install the main lamp that will give enough light when everybody is there. Second, the dimmers would be great selection when the night comes and the living room is empty. The dimmers will give cheerful illumination and soft ambience on the living room. Make sure that you understand one of these living room lighting tips because it is the foundation for the living room lighting.

  • Check out the Size of the Room

It is important to measure the large of the room and the possible light to come. I mean, a huge room needs more lighting than a tiny room. So, before you go out and buy a pack of lamp then you need to estimate the result, whether it is enough to illuminate the entire room or just particular space of the room. Do it carefully because if you can choose the proper lighting then you will regret to see the result.

  • Desk Lamp

It doesn’t matter if you use desk lamp to help illuminate the living room. But it doesn’t mean that you need desk lamp for entire room. It is just optional and additional. You can use desk lamp to add the lighting on the living room, or just give a plot twist on it.

With those living room lighting tips, I am sure that you will understand the basic step to illuminate the living room. The thing is, you can do whatever you want on the living room but when it comes about the light, you need to do it by the book. The lights will give massive impact on your living room.

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Inspiring Living Room Wall Art Ideas You Can Try Right Now!

Inspiring Living Room Wall Art Ideas You Can Try Right Now!

Sometimes, deciding the living room wall art ideas is harder than you think. It is not only about the balance, but it is also about the harmony in your living room. Your wall art should complement and go hand in hand with other furniture. Also, you need to think about the color combination, the size of the wall arts and any other things related to them. If, just if, one thing can go according to plan, then the living room will look different than you have ever imagined. So, make sure that you have prepared the ideas for the living room wall art.

If you have not thought about that, it is okay. We have plenty of living room wall art ideas you can follow. Just make sure that you can make it by yourself because it is a DIY living room wall art. Or if you have enough budget, then you can buy the clipart, wall art or even a package of decal for the living room wall. Let’s check these following ideas.

  • Postcard Wall Art

There is a site where you can send postcard to random person in random country. It is fun hobby. And if you have a lot of collections of postcards, then the wall can be the best place to display all of your collections. The postcard wall art can be alternative and a showcase on the living room.

  • Sequins Wall Art

If you like something shiny that sparks on your wall, there are a lot of sequins wall art to try. It is suitable for the living room that has minimalist and contemporary design. The spark of the sequins will reflect the lights on the living room and make it looks brighter than the sun. It is simple yet effective to make the living room looks better.

  • 3D Color-book Wall Art

It is good for those who have a lot of time and don’t want to lose their money on things. Sometimes, the DIY living room wall art ideas will save your living room and account savings. You can make 3D Color book for the wall art with used magazines, old books or any other things you can make.

  • Hi Paintings Wall Art

Another thing to try is the ‘Hi Painting’. It is a new stream in art that will fit for the wall art. Don’t think about complicated style because sometimes a simple art is the best. The Hi Painting is alternative for the DIY living room wall art ideas you can try at home. You can even make it with your kids!

Those are several ideas for the living room wall art. You can try one of those ideas or just go on with your ideas. Or, you can leave some words on the comment section and share your wall art ideas to others. Wall art should be simple, eye-catching and the most important is matching with the entire living room style. Be careful in choosing the living room wall art ideas!

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Top 5 Tips Living Room Window Treatments for Large Window

Top 5 Tips Living Room Window Treatments for Large Window

Have you ever considered how your windows look like? No? Well, you need to know the living room window treatments for large window so you understand what should and shouldn’t when it comes about decorating the window. Once you make mistake, and ‘boom!’ your living room would look miserable than you have ever thought. Another mistake is that people leave it empty without any decoration. So it could be said that choosing the right treatment for the window need to be taken seriously. Here, we have solutions for your problems regarding about the large windows on your living room.

  • Grommet Style

If you don’t know what to do to treat the large windows on the living room then you can try the first style. It is Grommet style, where you can make a great drapery on the room and it is also suitable for both large and small windows. It will make the living room looks neat, clean and crisp. You can find the Grommet on the nearest store in your town.

  • Play with Pattern

There are basic things you can do for the living room window treatments for large window. The first is using curtain and drape. The second is using window cover. Both of those are effective to make the windows look better. And you just need to decide the pattern that fit on the living room. Make sure that you choose the pattern that goes hand in hand with the overall accessories. Floral is one of the most popular patterns for treating the large windows on the living room.

  • Floor-to-Ceiling Curtains

The size of the window will determine the size and amount of curtains you need to treat the large windows. If you have large sized windows that go up, then the Floor to Ceiling Curtains would be the best selection as the living room window treatments for large window. You can choose the curtain that has different tone against the wall to give brighter contrast on the living room. Be brave to play with color and use your sense of mix and match.

  • Let the Lights Come Inside

Yep, that’s right. Sometimes you don’t need to decorate the windows on the living room. Just let the lights come inside. But there is a fine line between plain windows and not-maintained windows. So, if you want to let it plain, then do it with a class. And keep in mind that this style is only suitable for a minimalist home design.

  • Layers of Comfort

The layered style is absolutely stunning when it is about window treatments. When you have decided the shading and pattern of a drape, then you can start to make great layer over the windows. That way, you will find exquisite result for the interior design.

Those are several living room window treatments for large window you can try. You can take a look at our gallery to find out inspirational living room decorations. For further information, feel free to leave your thoughts on the comment section.

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Common Mistakes in Choosing Area Rug on Carpet in Living Room

Common Mistakes in Choosing Area Rug on Carpet in Living Room

Are you confused in determining the area rug on carpet in living room? Well, it is a common problem for people that want to decorate their living room with rug as accessories. It is hard for them to choose the best area for the rug, the kind of rug and any other accessories that fit with the rug. In this article, we will help you to hack this problem. We hope that with these following steps, you can find a perfect way to decorate the living room with a new rug that will blend with the entire room. Let’s hit the hack and tips below!

Perfect-sized Rugs

It is better to measure the living room before you choose the area rug on carpet in living room than regret it because the rug is too small or big. Yep, people forget that they need to calculate the size of the rug. Without perfect calculation, there is no balance between the size of the rug and the space on the living room. So, make sure that you have measure the living room and carpet’s size. That way, you will find well-designed living room.

Choose the Rug First then the Furniture

People make mistake that they choose the rug on the last minute after they found all of the furniture. As the result, it is hard to find the perfect theme and accent of rugs that match with the overall design. Always choose the rug first, then the other furniture. By choosing the rug first, you can decide the layout of the living room and everything has the same theme.

Double Layer

When it comes about area rug on carpet in living room, you have freedom whether you want to leave it bare or make a double layer. It is 100% up to you. It depends on your budget, your taste and your dreamt design. If you want to make double layered rug on carpet area, just make sure that you find two kinds of rugs that can fill out each other. You can make contrast, same-theme rugs and even try to mix different color of rugs.

Find the Perfect Pattern

Sometimes people are afraid about choosing the rugs with pattern. They tend to choose plain rug because they want to play safe on the living room. But when it comes about area rug on carpet in living room, sometimes you have to be courage and brave by choosing a rug that comes with new pattern. The perk of choosing this rug is that you can combine with wall-carpet.

Wall to Wall Carpet Law

There is unspoken law that when you use wall to wall carpet then you have to choose the one that comes with same-pattern rugs. It is true. And you have to follow that rule. It doesn’t matter if you want to make a twist by using wall to wall carpet with area rug on carpet in living room. That way you don’t need other accessories for the living room wall.

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Simple Small Apartment Living Room Ideas

Simple Small Apartment Living Room Ideas

We know that the small apartment living room ideas would be the solution of our problems. But have you found the best way to redecorate your small space living room? Some people are confused when it comes about determining the design of their living room. It is good if you have large space living room because you live in a modular house or a ranch styled house. But for those who live in a small apartment, living room can be a major problem. They need to make sure that the interior looks great even they have only a small room.

So, we will help you and others –that have to deal with small living room spaces. With all of these small apartment living room ideas, we hope that you have an inspiration that will guide you to make your apartment living room better. Now, let’s check out these following tips of how to make the small apartment living room looks bigger.

You Need to Go Light!

Yep, the color of the room will determine the ambience of the living room. A small space apartment living room need bright color in order to make everything looks clean and broader. So, make sure that you choose the right color scheme so you will get better ambience on the living room. You can make the windows bigger so there is more light come in to the living room.

Hang the Mirror

There is no better way to make the small apartment living room looks big than hanging huge mirror on the wall. The mirror will reflect the things in front of it and will make the room looks bigger. It is just an illusion, but it is worth to try since there are many experts out there suggest this idea to make the small apartment living room looks big.

Use Floating Shelves

I know that the major problem about the small space room is where you will put all the ornaments. It is impossible for you not decorating the apartment with some ornaments. One of the small apartment living room ideas says that if you want to put a lot of decorations on the small space apartment, then you need to install floating shelves. A stacked ornament would be better than widen-horizontal furniture that will make the room looks narrow.

Take the Advantage of Corner

Another idea you can try, you can make the use of corner space. Sometimes we leave it empty without any decoration. But on this case, a small apartment living room need more space and you should use the corner space. You can put a small table, vase or other ornaments that will fill the blank space on it.

Those are several small apartment living room ideas that you can try. It is simple, easy and everyone can do it just right now. Don’t be sad because as long as you follow the tips for small apartment living room ideas then you can make great living room arrangement there.

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How to Make Ideal Apartment Living Room Layout

How to Make Ideal Apartment Living Room Layout

Have you ever wonder how to make apartment living room layout looks perfect? We have seen it on the TV show, or you can find it on the Home Design Magazine you read on the shop, but it takes more than just a guide to make great layout for the living room. I remember a phrase that said, ‘measure it twice, but you have to make decorate it once!’. Yep, it would be better if you make great measurement before you decide where and what to put on the living room. So now on, we will help you to keep closer to what you need to know!

Distance between Sofa and Table

We know that each living room has different size, width and height. But one thing for sure, that if you want to make great apartment living room layout then you have to know the exact measurement, including the gap between the soda and coffee table. The expert says that it is approximately 14 to 18 inches long. But if you can’t get it right, just sit on the sofa and straight your feet. And that’s the perfect distance between them.

Distance of TV and Sofa

It is a common thing that people put the huge TV on the living room. Not just as a focal point, but it is also about the pride. But people don’t know that having a big TV on the living room could bring a disaster for them. So, make sure that both of the size of the TV, the gap of TV and Sofa, and the overall size of living room matter!

The Height of the Room

Another thing to consider is the height of the room. There are several types of the living room, the one that has tall ceiling and the one that has low ceiling. Now you can calculate whether you have low or tall ceiling. It is important to use the proper artwork on the wall that fit with the height of the ceiling. The proportion between the height of the artwork and the height of the ceiling will determine the layout of the living room. If you are confused in determining the layout for both low and tall ceiling, you can leave message on the comment section below.

Quite of Festive

Yes, it is your rights whether you want to make a quit and simple living room or just making a festive living room interior. Both of them can be matched with the apartment living room layout. Just make sure that you have the right mix and match sense so whatever you do in your living room, you will get a fancy result.

Rug Area

Last but not least, don’t forget about the floor! People forget about the floor layout and they don’t choose the proper rug area. The color of the rug, its size and its theme will give contribution to your apartment living room layout. Make sure that you can find the best rug theme for small living room layout.

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